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Publish Date 12/2/2017 12:26:50 PM.

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30 November 207 Metal Bulletin Daily Number 9370

Stainless & special steels

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stainless cold-rolled sheet prices in the United States were stable in mid-November due to firm base prices, with distributor sources citing some potential for another round of hikes in the coming


Downers lately and historically. This year people seem to be optimistic." Indeed, base prices aren't expected to fallin December, two sourcessaid, "think the base price will stay steady from what see, "the northern distributor said, "The end of the year is pretty much over and we're into January already anyway, "the southern distributor said, "Lead times are around mid-January, depending on the mill."

imports from indonesia sky rocket US imports of stainless blooms, billets and slabs from Indonesia jumped to 18,903 tonnes in November following at least consecutive months of zero imports, according to license data compiled by the US Commerce Department's Enforcement and compliance division through November 27, "That means Allegheny Technologies ind is ramping up," the southern distributor said, referring to ATI's recent joint venture with Tsingshan Group to produce 60-inch-wide stainless steel sheet in north America, Indeed, under the terms of the joint venture Tsingshan will supply red-to-roll slabs from its Indonesia operations, which will be hot-rolled into colsat ATI's hot-rolling and processing facility in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania. The hot-rolled coils will then be finished into stainless sheet using ATI's directrollannealandpickie line in Midland, Pennsylvania, which was ideal in 2016. The first shipments are expected in January.


Carbon steel semi-finished products



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Semi-finished Steel Products Trade log,


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